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SnapTube is a downloader app. You can download YouTube videos as mp3 or mp4 files and save them on your Android device, meaning that you can save any video and audio that you find on a player. This comes in handy when you want to keep listening to a song without watching the video. Or record audio and video samples.

On top of YouTube, you can use SnapTube to save Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter, Live Leak, Daily Motion content and some more.

SnapTube lets you download videos in small sizes (360px) or in high definition (1080px) with a pretty fast speed. The audio quality of the mp3 is also quite cool.

You can explore different categories like music, movies or shows and discover new stuff from SnapTube’s curators and editors.

Your downloads can be managed in one app with clean and nice visuals. All of this for free. And the best part of SnapTube is that there are no annoying ads.

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ZAN CHVK avatar
Ali King 2 weeks ago

Reply to ZAN CHVK

You need to close and open the app again

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Jon Creswell avatar
Owen Owen 1 month ago

Reply to Jon Creswell

u need to download YouTube first then snaptube

Jon Creswell avatar
Owen Owen 1 month ago

Reply to Jon Creswell

I can download it

Jon Creswell avatar
christopher henderson 4 months ago

Reply to Jon Creswell


Jon Creswell avatar
azleemous 5 months ago

Reply to Jon Creswell

Try this link

Jon Creswell avatar
Rovic Merginio 5 months ago

Reply to Jon Creswell

in my opinion, snaptube is so much better than SoundCloud in so many ways. u can literally download anything on YouTube as a mp4 or an mp3. all the songs you want for free, no Internet needed. SoundCloud only has things that people have posted on there

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DerpKing / Suicide Mouse avatar
Cubbie CWolf 6 months ago

Reply to DerpKing / Suicide Mouse

WAS a great app, now you can only download things from specific countries

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Questions and Answers

Can I get Snaptube for my iPhone on iOS?

So, let me make this much clear before we begin. There is no official Snaptube app for iOS for both the iPad and the iPhone. It doesn’t exist and any website that says they have one is most likely a scam so be very careful before downloading.

One way to get SnapTube is to Jailbreak your iPhone which is a quite complicated process and one that you should not do unless you really know what y...

Roge8r avatar
Roge8r5 months ago
How to use Snaptube?

Snaptube is an application for download videos from popular tube and video sites on the web. Using Snaptube is actually quite straightforward and many users will have no problems whatsoever

Roge8r avatar
Roge8r5 months ago
Where to download Snaptube for Android?

Unfortunately Snaptube is not available in the official Google Play Store. This is due to a policy that google has for apps that are able to download. However Google is not the almighty power in this world and there are many other places you can download the app through the form of an .apk file that can be installed directly on your Android device.

78747 avatar
787479 months ago
How do I get or download Snaptube for my computer?

You can use Snaptube on your computer via Snaptube Online at

On this URL, you can either search the video or audio that you want to download or simply paste the link in the search box. You will get all the results associated with that search or URL. Click the download button and select the quality (as shown in the image below).

78747 avatar
7874710 months ago
How to update Snaptube?

Updating apps that aren’t available via the official Google Play Store is often quite difficult due to having to download the .apk file manually each time. It is important that with software that you use the latest version of an application to make sure it is up to date and also for security reasons.

78747 avatar
787475 months ago

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